Bony Realignment Surgery

Arthritis of the knee can lead to deformity or malalignment of the lower leg. This can accelerate the disease process and cause overstretch injury to soft tissues around the knee.

Often the inner or medial side of the knee is affected leading to “bowed legs” or genu varum. Less commonly and usually driven by other factors or problems intrinsic or extrinsic in the knee, the outer side of the knee can also become diseased leading to a “knock-knee” or genu valgum deformity.

Cuts can be carefully planned and executed with modern imaging techniques to change alignment (even shortened or lengthened) of the knee, bones and correct such deformity. It can be associated with significant improvement in pain and with the mechanics of the lower legs. Soft tissues not infrequently can tighten with altered tissue tensions, giving improved stability. Complex multi-plane corrections can also be executed. More commonly either a wedge can be removed from one side of a bone (closing wedge osteotomy) or an opening introduced of varying angles (opening wedge osteotomy) to achieve the desired angular correction.

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